The Cross D Bar Recreation Foundation


The Cross D Bar Recreation Foundation is a not-for-profit, tax-exempt organization that is dedicated to providing disabled, handicapped and elderly the opportunity to experience the thrills and challenges of fishing, camping and outdoor recreation.

Located on an 800 acre ranch 13 miles east of Westcliffe, Colorado in the shadow of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains. The Foundation offers year-round family fun, fishing and uncrowded camping. Men, women and children of all ages find the four lakes and campsites ideal for the disabled and for the entire family.

There is minimal out door recreation in Colorado or the Rocky Mountain Region that encourages the disabled, severely handicapped or blind person to gain the knowledge, skills, confidence and self-reliance to help them overcome their psychological and physical barriers. The Foundation offers a place where they can expand their horizons and experience the joys and thrills of being in the outdoors along side able-bodied sportsperson.

Camping and fishing can have a significant impact on a disabled person's life. It can develop and clarify personal values, improve self-esteem, problem solving, decision-making and team work. Our goal is to give them a chance to set individual goals.

The Foundation opens another world of nature, helping them explore their own capabilities and learn they can succeed far beyond their own expectations. For many they learn a new level of self-reliance and character that will last them a lifetime.

As the demand for fishing and camping grew, the Foundation realized it was not adequately meeting the needs of the disabled, handicapped and elderly sports person. After an extensive study and review of the existing trails and facilities, the Board decided to install fishing piers, dam bumpers, bridges over spillways, handicapped ramps, toilets and electrical outlets for their equipment and vehicles. The renovation of facilities will enable more disabled people to utilize the fishing and camping sites.



Even though the financial resources of the Foundation are limited, the Board has already made significant progress towards its goals. The challenge is to secure the additional financial support and material to complete these important improvements.

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